The PiFi most wanted list is a fun way to show those who I would like to have on the show and to spur visitors to the site to suggest new guests.  It also offers users of the site and viewers of the show a way to share information with me in my quest to "apprehend" these guests.  None of the information shared with me will be shared with anyone else and all information is encrypted on my secure server.  

Please do not share personal information such as home addresses or any other personal information that could be considered a violation of someone's privacy.  Doing so breaks the spirit and intention of the most wanted list and no award will be provide to those who break this privacy rule.  I am mostly seeking direct email addresses of the potential guest as some have alternate email addresses they list on public sites they may or may not check on a regular basis.  I am NOT seeking personal phone numbers so please do not submit them on the hot tip form.  Suggested phone numbers should only be numbers that are publicly available and published by the potential guest. 

If you know the person I am seeking or have a suggestion for a guest, please contact them first and asked them if it is ok to provide the information.  Again, this should be a light hearted attempt at obtaining guests I find interesting.  Breaking the trust of these potential guests will not be productive.  Let's keep it positive and learn from our guests.  This is the artisan way! ~ArtisanTony